Anna Moninger
2022-2023 Junior
From Sunrise, Florida
Previous Recipient 2020, 2021
Anna Moninger
$2,700 USS Arleigh Burke Association Scholarship sponsored by Arleigh Burke Association Recipient


James Madison University



Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.27 College GPA
  • Alpha Omega Epislon Sorority – professional andsocial society for Women in STEM
  • James Madison Univerity Chemistry Lab – assistant


“I am impressed with the applicant’s curiosity and enthusiasm for the problems you can solve and the careers you can pursue in the chemical sciences. She’s excited by all of the things that chemists can do! She plans to become more involved with bench-top”

~ Barbara Reisner – Professor of Chemistry

“I am extremely grateful to be accepting a scholarship from the Anchor Scholarship Foundation. With their help, I have been able to continue my studies in chemistry at James Madison University. The foundation has been very encouraging and supportive of me working for a degree in chemistry. It means a great deal to me to receive a scholarship for my junior year. By helping with financial aid, the scholarship is allowing me to continue taking chemistry major courses.”

~ Anna