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Anchor Scholarships must be applied only to tuition charged by the program/college/university

Each scholarship will be split evenly over the full academic year.  i.e. Fall and Spring semester

If you are a dependent of a US Navy Sailor:

(Active Duty, Retired, or Honorably Discharged)

Child that is a:

  • High School Senior, current College Student, or dependent planning to, or currently pursuing full time, your first Associates, BA or BS at a 2-or-4-year college or university or Industry Certification in the United States.
  • Up to the age of 22 on March 1st of the year the scholarship is being awarded.
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Spouse that is a:

  • High School Graduate, Associates, BA or BS or Graduate degree, or current College Student planning to or currently pursuing your first Associates, BA or BS, or Graduate degree at a 2 or 4 year college or university in the United States, full or part-time.
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Anchor Has A TWO PART Application



Applications for Step I are NOW OPEN!

Foundation Scholarships

(renewables, STEM, annuals)
  • Sponsor Eligibility Criteria
    • Surface Warfare Qualification (officer/enlisted)
    • MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: 6 years in commands under the administrative control of Commander Naval Surface Forces, US Atlantic Fleet (COMNAVSURFLANT) and/or Commander Naval Surface Forces, US Pacific Fleet (COMNAVSURFOR). The time requirement is cumulative and assignments need not be consecutive. Sponsors (URL 1110) may utilize active duty service on CVNs toward the 6 year requirement.
    • Will also qualify for Ship’s Company Scholarship(s) if those eligibility requirements are met as well.
  • Deceased Sponsor
    • The dependent child or spouse of any Surface Warfare qualified member of the U.S. Navy (Officer or Enlisted) who died while serving on active duty will qualify, regardless of the length of service of the deceased parent/spouse. You will be asked to submit proof of Surface Qualification (SWO or ESWS) and copy of the sponsor’s Report of Casualty (DD Form 1300).

Ship’s Company Scholarships

  • Sponsor must have been a member of one, or more, of the below listed ship’s company for a minimum of 1 year
    • USS Arleigh Burke
    • USS Bulkeley
    • USS Chung-Hoon (Billy Hurley Scholarship)
    • USS Cincinnati
    • USS Gettysburg (Billy Hurley Scholarship)
    • USS Thomas Hudner
    • USS Santa Barbara
  • Does not need to have a special qualification(s), i.e. Surface


  • Recipients are selected on the basis of four equally weighted criteria:
    • Academic performance
    • Character
    • Extracurricular
    • Financial need

2024 Anchor Scholarship Application Resources and Guides

These documents apply to the 2024 Scholarship Application process.