Evan Brown
2023-2024 Sophomore
From Washington, D.C.
Evan Brown
$3,000 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Leonardo DRS Recipient


Marist College


Computer Science

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.64 College GPA
  • Men’s Crew Team – Marist College
  • Honolulu Rowing Club Member


“Without a doubt, the applicant has my recommendation as an exemplary student. He is an organized, intelligent, and capable young man who has demonstrated excellence in all that he puts his mind to.”

~ Karina Polo Lung – Teacher

“It is particularly an honor to receive a scholarship from an organization tied to my father’s time on the sea in the Navy. I am grateful for removing some of the burden from my parents…studying in my field of choice—Computer Science. I plan to be on the front line in understanding the advancements in technology and the risks they pose to companies’ and individuals’ security. I will continue volunteering and/or coaching water sports wherever my future cybersecurity career may take me.”

~ Evan