Isaac Bushman
2023-2024 Sophomore
From Jacksonville, Florida
Previous Recipient 2022; 2021
Isaac Bushman
$6,000 T.Nash Broaddus DECO Scholarship sponsored by T. Nash & Gloria M. Broaddus Foundation Recipient


Cedarville University


Language Arts Education

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.09 College GPA
  • Northeast Military Sales Employee 32+ hours


“I believe he is a good candidate for the scholarship because he embodies what a good person should be, a good student and a good friend. He is driven and passionate. He has more knowledge than most but is always willing and eager to learn more. He is a hard worker and a committed student and friend. He has a huge potential to grow, in addition to how amazing he already is.”

~ Valentina Lazarus – Student (Peer)

“Thank you very much for this opportunity that you have given me. My family’s financial situation is extremely rough right now, so this scholarship very well may be the reason I am able to return to school this year. I thank you for your donation and for this chance to continue my academic career.”

~ Isaac