Jalyn Jackson
2022-2023 Senior
From Jacksonville, Florida
Previous Recipient 2020; 2021
Jalyn Jackson
$3,000 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by UBS Recipient


University of South Florida



Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.97 College GPA
  • Black Student Union Executive Board
  • Untouchable Dance Troupe U-Board


“The ingeniousness she exemplified during her time with us was exceptional, as she managed to handle the situation even during a crisis. If anyone is deserving of this scholarship, it would be her. She is destined to make an influential impact on society.”

~ Charla McLeod-DeVoe – President

“Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. Not only has you all reduced the financial burden of pursuing higher education, you have also awarded me the confidence to keep going. This means a lot to me as I prepare for graduation and begin to concern myself with grad school.”

~ Jalyn