Joseph Adams
2021-2022 Freshman
From Naples, Italy
Joseph Adams
$2750 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Lockheed Martin Company Recipient


John Cabot University



Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.94 High School GPA
  • Eagle Scout – Boy Scouts of America
  • Model United Nations Delegate and Historical Committee Representative


“As a military child, Joseph is extremely flexible and is able to jump into any situation with confidence and resilience. As a student, he is articulate, witty and a pleasure to have a conversation with. Joseph exemplifies the leadership skills and organizational skills necessary to be successful in college…”

Alicia SextonAP Teacher

“College is expensive, and it’s also my goal to complete my Bachelor’s degree without entering into major loans that would affect my financial well-being after completing college. Thanks to saving on my part and my parents, as well as scholarships such as the Anchor Foundation Scholarship, I hope to be able to do so.”