Justin Rader
2022-2023 Junior
From San Diego, California
2020 Renewable Recipient
Justin Rader
$2,500 Anchor Renewable 2020 sponsored by Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. Recipient


University of California - Berkley


Chemical Engineering

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

3.02 College GPA


“It has been a very memorable time for my sophomore year. Coming to campus for the first time and learning in-person has been a larger transition than I had realized, but I was able to accomplish it readily. Continuing to be involved with the Red Cross organization at my school has been very informative and fulfilling. I was ecstatic to have physical chemistry labs for my organic chemistry class. Spending many hours mixing and heating chemicals in the building was a truly fun part of my time. Last summer, I had interned at Catalytic Combustion Corporation, where I was able to learn under chemical engineers and work in their research and development team, and also inside the factory floor too. My work there consisted mostly of testing the efficiency of the catalyst products new and old to collect data for the team to analyze. This involved testing engine catalysts, air fryers, convection and pizza ovens. I was especially grateful to be allowed to start up the lab systems and calibrate everything when I would come in early, so that work could begin faster, using liquid nitrogen, hydrocarbon gases and carbon monoxide in my work.”

~ Justin