Meredith Peterson
2023-2024 Freshman
From Arlington, VA
Meredith Peterson
$3,000 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by Lockheed Martin Corporation Recipient


Providence College


Marketing/Sports studies

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 4.51 High School GPA
  • Senior Class Treasurer
  • Latin Honor Society and Club President


“College will provide new opportunities for leadership. In each new class she attends, each new group or club she enters, and in the university at a whole; the candidate will build cohesive, effective teams of students. I am confident she will continue to use the leadership skills she has developed within herself to engage with others and to build relationships and focused groups. She will seek ways to utilize the talents of each member, for the good of the group and for society as a whole. The candidate will be a unique asset to her new university.”

~ Jenni Bruen – Reading Specialist

“As a high school senior dealing with the stress surrounding graduation and the next chapter of my life, receiving this scholarship lifted a weight off my shoulders. College is expensive and is only getting more expensive every year which is why this scholarship means so much to me. Additionally, the legacy of my father’s service that I am honoring through accepting this scholarship.”

~ Meredith