Mikayla Smith
2021-2022 Graduate Student
From Jacksonville, Florida
Mikayla Smith
$3,000 USS Thomas Hudner Scholarship sponsored by USS Thomas Hudner Commissioning Committee Recipient


Southern New Hampshire University


Mental Health Counseling

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.79 College GPA
  • Lifelong artist working with a variety of mediums, selling my work online and at art shows.
  • Full-time Parent: Being a military spouse and a mother, I take care of my son every day of the year. While living away from home, I don’t have much physical support from family or friends. So it is often just me and my son, especially during deployments.


“She was a fierce advocate for her clients and always expressed her care for them. …. She always stands up for the right thing. All of these qualities will help her stand out as a Therapist. ….She is going to help her community become healthier by being a great Therapist. She will empathize with them, be their biggest advocate, and stand up for what is right. She has what it takes to be great at what she does, and the passion to achieve that greatness.”

Jessica Wright – Direct Support Professional

“To be able to have this opportunity is a privilege. This is the first scholarship I have ever been awarded, and this really shows me the potential that I have. Recognizing one’s own potential can be difficult and obtrusive to progress. I know now that I am capable, which is huge. Receiving this scholarship really helps me with tuition, and it means so much that I can avoid student loans for awhile longer.”