Monica Crandall
2023-2024 Freshman
From Virginia Beach, Virginia
Monica Crandall
$2,100 Annual Anchor Scholarship sponsored by GE Marine Recipient


Tidewater Community College


AA - Studio Arts

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.18 High School GPA
  • National Art Honor Society
  • Crochet Club Member


“I have enjoyed watching her overcome challenges through trial and error with her work and not give up on her vision even when the creation process has become more difficult than she had originally anticipated. She is able to regroup and workshop her ideas until she finds a way to do what it is she has intended to. This student works hard, communicates directly, has a unique and creative brain, and is a great candidate”

~ Carli Hanback – Art Teacher

“Getting this scholarship in particular and it also being the first scholarship I have received, makes me feel like all the work I have done so far is amounting to something which makes me very happy. Also, knowing that a part of my tuition will be covered makes me less stressed about the money aspect of college. Having less stress will make it easier to focus on my academics. I want to sincerely thank the scholarship committee for making all of this possible. I’m really grateful and flattered that I was chosen to receive funds.”

~ Monica