Robin Hurtado
2023-2024 Senior
From Chula Vista, CA
Robin Hurtado
$3,600 The Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy Scholarship sponsored by The Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy Recipient


California State University, Monterey Bay


Computer Science

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.536 College GPA
  • Veteran’s First Mortgage Culture Committee Member
  • Global Infotek Intern – Front End Web Developer


“I’ve watched her enthusiasm for computers grow. She’s still the person I call when I’m having issues with my computer or phone. She’s raised her family while her husband was deployed. She’s worked jobs that had flexible hours so she can be there for the kids. She’s supported him for 20 plus years while he had his career. I truly believe it’s her time to pursue the career she’s always wanted. I’ve never seen her “geek out’ more than when she’s working on fixing a computer or the software or when she does a deep dive on coding…This good, kind, smart, stubborn, loving person deserves to finally follow her path.”

~ Christina Russell – Manufacturer Supply Chain Buyer

“Being chosen to receive this scholarship is an honor. Your scholarship has granted me the extraordinary opportunity to embark upon the final year of my bachelor’s degree. The financial burden I was facing pursuing higher education has been significantly lifted, and I am determined to complete my degree on time in August 2024.”

~ Robin