Sarah Mauricio
2022-2023 Senior
From Chula Vista, California
Previous Recipient Austal 2020 & 2021
Sarah Mauricio
$4,500 AUSTAL USA STEM Scholarship sponsored by AUSTAL USA Recipient


University of California,Los Angeles


Major: Computer Science

Academic & Extracirricular Highlights:

  • 3.87 College GPA
  • UCLA Society of Latino Engineers & Scientists (SOLES)
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society


“Sarah is a quiet leader. She leads by example, working tirelessly behind the scenes to get everything done. Always. Sarah can always be depended on to get a project done – and to do it with precision and thoughtfulness. Even though she is creative and has good ideas, she makes sure to include others in the decision-making processes. She is a team player. Sarah is also…thoughtful and observant. She notices when people need help, notices when gaps need filled. Sarah takes initiative on projects and perseveres through the end. Her drive to succeed is unmatched.”

~ Gayle Neville – Teacher, Girl Scout Leader

“Because of your contribution, I can now feel less stressed about the financial burden that college brings. I will be able to focus more on my studies and less on earning money to pay for my education. I will now not have to worry about getting a job on campus, allowing me to spend more time on my schoolwork, and I am really appreciative of this. This is the third year I have received an Anchor Scholarship, and I am very thankful for this. Last year I was able to focus my time on preparing for internship interviews because I did not have to worry as much about paying for tuition, and as a result, I will be interning at Meta as a software engineer this summer.”

~ Sarah